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My girls and I have a bi-monthly book club we have been doing for about 3 years. We started with the best intentions, and some of the books have been really enjoyable (Jeff Longs The Descent has been my favourite). However, what began with quite ernest discussions about racism in To Kill A Mockingbird in 2009 has now become a cursory exchange (- Have you read the book? – Yeah, it wasn’t bad. -Cool, you want some wine?) We now affectionately call it book/wine club (the boys just call it wine club) and we are definitely more concerned with what we will be eating (and will there be cake?) than pulling apart the narrative, and what is the theme and what was the author feeling when they wrote this?

Yet, the choice of book is still very important to me. Even though I know that not all of us will read it I still agonise over it for months. Our first year I chose A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice (very beautiful book) which went down really well. My next two choices BOMBED. Second years book – The Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster, my favourite childhood read. Apparently books with pictures in them are not cool. Third years book – Ghostwritten by David Mitchell. I love short stories but my girls don’t. So, pressure is on for the next choice.

After months of wrangling and lists of possibles (including Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons and Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman – both good and funny and non offensive) I gave up and decided to go with my current read, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Hopefully the girls will like it! If not, I am doing build-a-burger for food and will get some nice wine in, so sure it will be a success!




One thought on “Book club book

  1. A straw poll of my girls has revealed that we really do care about our book choice! We want to pick books that we love, but we also want the others to enjoy it. Who knew it wasn’t just about the wine? I feel much better now about putting so much thought into my choice. That doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t still be cake though.

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