Audiobooks – allow me to read more!

Since I stopped driving to work and started getting the train, I have downloaded Audible (recommended by a friend) so I can read books on the go – without bumping into things or getting books wet if it’s raining. I have never listened to books before, not since my mum played me and my sister those read along magazine tapes when we were kids. I was a bit dubious. But I have to say, I am a convert. I have been able to listen to some really amazing books, some of the narration has been brilliant. You get really sucked in; like watching a film or seeing a play, and it really makes it all come alive. My favourite book I have listened too so far is The Twelve by Justin Cronin – and I was able to listen to it before the paperback came out, so didn’t have to get the hardback and then lug it around with me everywhere. I literally could not stop listening to this, and missed bus stops/was late for work/spent unsociable lunchtimes at my desk with my headphones in (don’t talk to me !) to get through it. It was a very similar story with Doctor Sleep by Stephen King which I have just finished. But my favourite narrator was Imogen Church, who read Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach. The book itself was quite meh but she is a really talented actress and her narration really elevated the story. Check it out if you get the chance.
I am currently listening to Stephen Kings 11-22-63. I also have his The Stand and Ken Folletts Winter of the World on the back burner.
If you haven’t tried audio books before, they are really worth a go, especially if you have a bit of a commute in the mornings. Mine is an app on my phone so it is really easy to keep with me, and it is a good way of getting through loads more books than I would manage just reading!


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