Currently reading 25th May



I have just finished 12 Years a Slave, which I really enjoyed, even if it was quite upsetting in parts. The other book I have on the go at the moment is Anna Karenina which I feel like I have been reading for years! I have been picking it up and putting it down for the last 6 months. I really like it but I am finding that I can only read a couple of chapters at a time then I have to break off and digest it for a while. I think this is because every minute detail of every conversation is described, and there are so many characters! Hopefully I will finish it this week as I have a big pile of new books to read. On my kindle I have just started The Awakening by Kate Chopin (which I chose as I saw a lovely quote from the book on Etsy and I have never heard of her before) and after finishing 11-22-63 on audible I am now listening to Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (who is fab – she has never written a bad book!)


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