I’ve been having a bit of a Michael Connelly moment recently. This last week I have watched ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ film, watched the first episode of ‘Bosch’ on Amazon video and read the latest Connelly paperback – The Gods of Guilt, which was so good I read it in one sitting and completely ignored everyone and everything around me for 2 hours (sorry husband and dog). Connelly is definitely my guilty pleasure, I wouldn’t say I am a fan of crime fiction at all but I have loved all his books ever since I first read The Closers 5 years ago. My husband is currently working his way through the Haller books (which start with The Lincoln Lawyer) so today I pulled out all my Connellys and put them in order so I could find him the next one to read. I didn’t realise I had quite so many.


I think Connelly is definitely the author I have the most books of, followed a close second by Stephen King. My shelves aren’t organised at all so I didn’t realise this until today. Looks like the guilty pleasure has turned into a bit of an obsession! I’ve also realised that I am missing three of his books, two of which I haven’t even read – good excuse to go book shopping!



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