My name is Kat. I love reading and I love books. I am one of those readers who finds an author they like and then reads everything they have ever written, but recently I am finding it more difficult to choose books. Hopefully this blog will open me up to a world of new authors that I have never heard of before, and thousands of new books to read!

I will read anything once, I would never critisise a book unless I have finished it, and I would never judge a person on their taste in books. Having said that, I am not a fan of Dan Brown (sorry, but the Da Vinci Code was not good)

My top five favourite authors are

– Stephen King

– F Scott Fitzgerald

– Justin Cronin

– John Steinbeck

– Michael Connelly

Some of the books I have read have been so good, they have stayed with me for weeks. Some have literally changed my life; the way I look at the world. There must be so many more amazing books out there. I want to find them and read them!

I don’t want this to be a book review blog, so there won’t be long in depth descriptions or opinions. I want it to be more of a book diary. However I will try to let you know why I like or don’t like the books that I read.

There is also a chance my dog Gary will feature quite a lot (he doesn’t like reading but he does like to eat paper). Don’t worry, he’s very cute.

So, please let me know who you are reading. I will in turn share with you the books I am reading, have read and plan to read.

Thank you very much.




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