Wise Reading Advice

At my favourite bookshop – the Little Apple bookshop in York – I saw a poster on the wall that completely summed up all that is amazing about reading, and really made me think about how I discussed books with people. The poster was The Rights of The Reader by Daniel Pennac.


Every single point is so true! Being a big reader myself I have always been a bit suspicious of people who don’t read, so I loved the warning – and I like to think it has made me a bit more tolerant. I can now understand my best friend Emma a little better, who always reads the last chapter of a book first because she doesn’t like surprises. Even though I may not agree (I don’t, she’s crazy) I can respect her decision to do that. Everyone has different reading habits and different ways of reading, and this poster reminds me of that in a beautiful way. It went straight on Pinterest so hopefully more people will see it and love it.