I’ve been having a bit of a Michael Connelly moment recently. This last week I have watched ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ film, watched the first episode of ‘Bosch’ on Amazon video and read the latest Connelly paperback – The Gods of Guilt, which was so good I read it in one sitting and completely ignored everyone and everything around me for 2 hours (sorry husband and dog). Connelly is definitely my guilty pleasure, I wouldn’t say I am a fan of crime fiction at all but I have loved all his books ever since I first read The Closers 5 years ago. My husband is currently working his way through the Haller books (which start with The Lincoln Lawyer) so today I pulled out all my Connellys and put them in order so I could find him the next one to read. I didn’t realise I had quite so many. Continue reading


Recent reads 13th August

Went to Waterstones for the first time in a while to pick up American Gods for my husband. I do like bookshops (although I must admit I am an Amazon girl) but it annoys me how books are categorised – even though Neil Gaiman is an exceptionally talented, well respected and award-winning author, I have to go upstairs to the tiny weeny teeny Fantasy/Science Fiction section (when other authors who I will not name and shame here are right at the front of the shop, some of them even in the Fiction section, and I’m using Fiction here in the broadest use of the word). Sorry for the rant. Anyway…. Continue reading