Recent reads 13th August

Went to Waterstones for the first time in a while to pick up American Gods for my husband. I do like bookshops (although I must admit I am an Amazon girl) but it annoys me how books are categorised – even though Neil Gaiman is an exceptionally talented, well respected and award-winning author, I have to go upstairs to the tiny weeny teeny Fantasy/Science Fiction section (when other authors who I will not name and shame here are right at the front of the shop, some of them even in the Fiction section, and I’m using Fiction here in the broadest use of the word). Sorry for the rant. Anyway…. Continue reading


Currently reading 25th May



I have just finished 12 Years a Slave, which I really enjoyed, even if it was quite upsetting in parts. The other book I have on the go at the moment is Anna Karenina which I feel like I have been reading for years! I have been picking it up and putting it down for the last 6 months. I really like it but I am finding that I can only read a couple of chapters at a time then I have to break off and digest it for a while. I think this is because every minute detail of every conversation is described, and there are so many characters! Hopefully I will finish it this week as I have a big pile of new books to read. On my kindle I have just started The Awakening by Kate Chopin (which I chose as I saw a lovely quote from the book on Etsy and I have never heard of her before) and after finishing 11-22-63 on audible I am now listening to Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (who is fab – she has never written a bad book!)

Wise Reading Advice

At my favourite bookshop – the Little Apple bookshop in York – I saw a poster on the wall that completely summed up all that is amazing about reading, and really made me think about how I discussed books with people. The poster was The Rights of The Reader by Daniel Pennac.


Every single point is so true! Being a big reader myself I have always been a bit suspicious of people who don’t read, so I loved the warning – and I like to think it has made me a bit more tolerant. I can now understand my best friend Emma a little better, who always reads the last chapter of a book first because she doesn’t like surprises. Even though I may not agree (I don’t, she’s crazy) I can respect her decision to do that. Everyone has different reading habits and different ways of reading, and this poster reminds me of that in a beautiful way. It went straight on Pinterest so hopefully more people will see it and love it.


Book club book

My girls and I have a bi-monthly book club we have been doing for about 3 years. We started with the best intentions, and some of the books have been really enjoyable (Jeff Longs The Descent has been my favourite). However, what began with quite ernest discussions about racism in To Kill A Mockingbird in 2009 has now become a cursory exchange (- Have you read the book? – Yeah, it wasn’t bad. -Cool, you want some wine?) We now affectionately call it book/wine club (the boys just call it wine club) and we are definitely more concerned with what we will be eating (and will there be cake?) than pulling apart the narrative, and what is the theme and what was the author feeling when they wrote this? Continue reading